1. How do I track my order?

To track your order, reach us at

Call: (+91) 9597066566 Email: [email protected] WhatsApp: (+91) 9597066566

2.What is Ethnostitch?

EthnoStitch is an exclusive service from Cbazaar.com. At EthnoStitch, fashion meets sophistication, where building a flawless look is no longer seen as a task but as an experience. This service is set out to fill a void for individuals seeking quality custom clothing at the comfort of their homes or office. Differentiating from the industry-leading size and fit options, We provide you with the desired look with a perfect fit and finish without having to worry about design, fit, quality, and delivery.

3. How well does Ethnostitch understand its customer's needs?

We understand the pain of finding a good tailor who understands your requirement. We try to ensure every minutes customization of our customers is done perfectly. In this busy day-to-day life where people prefer shopping with a click of the mouse, having a choice to schedule free pick and drop for the customization of your unstitched fabric sounds great, isn't it? All you have to do is placing your order and schedule a free pick up and drop. For any further help please call us, we will be happy to serve you.

4.What type of outfits do you offer customization for?

As of now we offer customization for blouses, bottoms and salwar suit. We also have a plethora of designs available in our website from where you can pick your favourite one and get customized.

5.What is the procedure to submit the measurements?

A perfectly fitting garment along with the dress material is all that you need to provide when you schedule a pick up for your unstitched cloth. You can also mention what else you require for us to customize it more efficiently as per your requirements.

6.How is the pricing done?

The cost varies based on your stitching requirements. Our pricing section will give you a clear idea in case you require further clarifications.

7. How is the safety of the fabric ensured?

We provide two ways of packaging, for the unstitched fabric. Either customers can pack their fabric in the way they want and hand over to us while pick up or they can place their request with us for a packaging kit from Cbazaar. The packaging kit if provided by us is chargeable.

8. Is pick up and drop of the fabrics chargeable?

Our pick up and drop is absolutely free.

9. Is Service Tax Applicable?

Yes, Service tax is applicable as per the Government Rates.

10. What makes Ethnostitch so unique?

Having known for our customization services over the years, we have a curated team of in-house professional designers, dressmakers, and fashion experts, who take care of our customer's fashion requirement. We are proud of our seasoned, excellent dressmakers who ensures that you are delivered nothing but the best. So get your fabric stitched to perfection by trusted designer team of Cbazaar. We also believe in complete customer satisfaction thereby we work around the clock to ensure we deliver your order at your doorsteps within the promised time.

Please Make Sure You Have Pre-Shrunked The Fabric